Eaves Hall Wedding Photographers

We where so honoured that Tom & Lauren chose us as their Eaves Hall Wedding Photographers, they are such a fantastic couple with a fantastic family and fantastic friends you just knew this wedding day was going to be special.

Eaves Hall set in the heart of the Lancashire countryside is always a perfect location for weddings, its stunning inside and out a perfect photo location for this uber chic wedding.

Tom & Lauren’s Chic Boho Wedding

We knew that this wedding was going to be fun after all we had a taste of what was to come at Toms sisters wedding a few years ago and lets just say these two families know how to have fun.

Tom top to bottom in Gucci looked so dapper but WOW!!! Lauren looked sensational, her wedding dress was just perfect but Asher stole the show as he really got into the McGuire party mode.

The evening was all about the party atmosphere but the day… well that was a just pure emotion as everyone had waited so long and worked so hard for this day, especially Lauren’s Father who proudly walked her down the aisle to yet more tears.

Heres just a small selection of our favourite photos from Tom & Lauren’s epic wedding day.Enjoy xx

eaves-hall-clitheroe bridal-wedding-gown-stanbury-photography bridal-hairstyle-eaves-hall-stanbury-photography bridal-hairstyle-eaves-hall-stanbury-photography bride-and-bridesmaid-getting-ready-eaves-hall bride-and-bridesmaid-getting-ready-stanbury-photography bride-and-dad-first-look-stanbury-photos bride-and-dad-first-look-eaves-hall-stanbury-photos groomsmen-by-stanbury-photography groomsmen-by-stanbury-photography gucci-groom-eaves-hall-stanbury-wedding-photography gucci-groom-eaves-hall-stanbury-wedding-photography bride-groom-first-look-stanbury-photo bride-groom-first-look-stanbury-photo eaves-hall-wedding-ceremony-stanbury-photographers eaves-hall-wedding-ceremony-stanbury-photographers eaves-hall-wedding-ceremony-stanbury-photographers eaves-hall-wedding-ceremony-stanbury-photographers eaves-hall-wedding-ceremony-stanbury-photographers eaves-hall-wedding-ceremony-stanbury-photographers wedding-confetti-at-eaves-hall wedding-confetti-at-eaves-hall wedding-guests-at-eaves-hall wedding-guests-at-eaves-hall bride-and-groom-eaves-hall-wedding-photography bride-and-groom-eaves-hall-wedding-photography bride-and-groom-eaves-hall-wedding-photography bride-and-groom-eaves-hall-wedding-photography eaves-hall-wedding-celebrations eaves-hall-wedding-celebrations eaves-hall-wedding-celebrations singing-wedding-waiters-at-eaves-hall-by-stanbury-photo singing-wedding-waiters-at-eaves-hall-by-stanbury-photo singing-wedding-waiters-at-eaves-hall-by-stanbury-photo singing-wedding-waiters-at-eaves-hall-by-stanbury-photo wedding-speeches-eaves-hall-photography wedding-speeches-eaves-hall-photography wedding-speeches-eaves-hall-photography wedding-speeches-eaves-hall-photography wedding-speeches-eaves-hall-photography wedding-first-dance-eaves-hall-photography wedding-first-dance-eaves-hall-photography wedding-first-dance-eaves-hall-photography wedding-first-dance-eaves-hall-photography wedding-first-dance-eaves-hall-photography wedding-first-dance-eaves-hall-photography

Eaves Hall Wedding Photographers

You know its been a great day when you get to sit and have a drink with the Bride & Groom & their family feeling like friends and thats the best way to describe this wedding it was like watching a friends wedding.

From the emotional ceremony, fabulous outfits, exquisite details to the fun and laughter of the speeches and the secret waiters that even Tom and Lauren didn’t know about this day had it all and we loved being able to witness these two special peoples extra special day.

Eaves Hall Wedding Photography by Award Winning Wedding Photographers Stanbury Photography.

David & Jane are very much in demand shooting weddings in all UK Locations and destination weddings in Europe & Worldwide. With an eye for the perfect image and a reputation for excellent service its not surprising they are one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the country and if you’re planning your Lancashire wedding at Eaves Hall exclusive Lancashire Wedding Venue & need an experienced Eaves Hall wedding photographers then get in touch, we would love to be part of your amazing wedding day. D&Jxx

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