Olivia + Michael’s Colourful Lancashire Wedding Day


David & Jane are truly the BEST in the business!!! We wouldn’t have had anyone else photograph our special day. If you are looking for stunning, natural photographs then look no further, our wedding photographs are absolutely STUNNING.

The Best People, Fun, Laughter and…  Smoke Bombs

As much as we love travelling its always special when you have a wedding thats close to home, they just seem so relaxed but then again thats how we are in the North of England.

Olivia & Michael are really fun people to be around and their love for each other is plain to see especially when they saw each other for the first time walking down the aisle.

Their awesome wedding day was filled with fun, laughter and smoke…. yes smoke. Here is a few of our favourite photographs. Enjoy x

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Olivia & Michael’s Awesome Lancashire Wedding Day

We first met Olivia & Michael at Olivias sisters wedding a few years before and even then she said ‘I want you guys to photography my wedding’ well no pressure then. You get a feel for a couples personality and Michael & Olivia are just a joy to be around, so much fun and we had such a great day with them.

The day started at Olivia’s Mums house and it as great to meet up with old friends and to reminisce as they looked through Megans wedding album that we photographed previously.

Olivia had so many ideas for how she wanted her day to be, it was to be a celebration of their love and their close friends but one idea that got everyone excited was…. smoke bombs.

What is it with fireworks that gets everyone excited!!! as the smoke poured out the whole wedding party suddenly turned into a Rave with everyone dancing around laughing with the smoke bombs and the excitement continued as there was a real a night club feel to the evening party.

Natural & Relaxed – Our Approach to Wedding Photography

Dave and Jane are lovely down to earth people!!! They made us feel so relaxed and comfortable and no task was too much trouble for them. They truly are the BEST in the business. If you looking for stunning, natural photographs then look no further. I wouldn’t have had anyone else photograph our wedding day. Our finished photographs are absolutely stunning and tell the story of our wedding day perfectly and for that we are so grateful.

If you are looking for a Lancashire Wedding Photographer or getting married in Lancashire then get in touch, we only take on a small number of weddings and would love to be part of your big day and tell your wedding story. D&J xx


Brides Dress – Maggie Sottero – Cressida from Elegance Bridal

Grooms Suite – Navy tails from Groom, Warrington

Room Decor – Creative Cover

Flowers – Flower Style by Laurie

Host & DJ – Danny Finn

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