Melanie + Roger

St Johns House Litchfield Wedding Photography



“We wanted our wedding photographs to show how much we love our family & friends and you nailed it!!!   You guys where amazing. We didn’t want you to leave”

Iconic Litchfield Wedding Venue

St Johns House is set in the heart of the city of Litchfield and is steeped in history dating back to the 17th Century and has been lovingly restored and brought back to life and was a perfect setting for Roger & Melanie’s wedding.

This was our first visit to Litchfield and what an amazing place it is. The ceremony was to take place at the registry office just across the road from the impressive Cathedral and with the park next door looking stunning with its autumnal colours everything was set for a great day.

A Celebration of Family & Friends

After a few Skype calls with Roger and Mel and we had got to know them and their personalities and these guys love a good party and their wedding was going to be all about a celebration of family & friends and boy was it.

Congratulations to Melanie & Roger and thank you for having us along. Here is a few of our favourite photographs from their awesome wedding day…

jimmy-choo-wedding-dress-weddingday bridal-makeup-wedding-st-johns-litchfield bride-wedding-dress-st-johns-litchfield-getting-ready bridal-flowers-wedding-dress-autumn groom-wedding-day-haircut-litchfield groom-getting-ready-wedding-barber-haircut-st-johns-litchfield groom-wedding-card-happy-stanbury-photography groom-designer-suit-boss-armarni-wedding-photograph groomsmen-peaky-blinders-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography bride-photography-wedding-dress-couture-stanbury-photography st-johns-litchfield-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography bride-arrives-litchfield-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography litchfield-wedding-ceremony-photograph-stanbury-photo wedding-ceremony-litchfield-stanbury-photography rings-ceremony-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography wedding-walking-aisle-photography-stanbury-photography st-johns-litchfield-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography wedding-photography-stanbury-photography family-bride-groom-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography family-bride-groom-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography bride-autumn-flowers-st-johns-litchfield-wedding-photography-stanbury bride-groom-litchfield-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography bride-groom-litchfield-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography st-johns-litchfield-wedding-photography-stanbury-photography st-johns-litchfield-wedding-speeches-photograph-stanbury groom-bestman-wedding-speeches-photograph-stanbury bride-groom-speech-st-johns-litchfield-wedding-photography wedding-photograph-toasting-stanbury-photography groom-guest-st-johns-litchfield-wedding-stanbury-photography st-johns-litchfield-wedding-photograph-stanbury-photography wedding-reception-st-johns-litchfield-wedding-photograph-stanbury wedding-reception-first-dance-st-johns-litchfield-photograph-stanbury wedding-reception-first-dance-st-johns-litchfield-photograph-stanbury wedding-reception-first-dance-st-johns-litchfield-photograph-stanbury wedding-reception-dancing-st-johns-litchfield-stanbury-photography wedding-reception-dancing-st-johns-litchfield-stanbury-photography wedding-reception-dancing-st-johns-litchfield-stanbury-photography bride-son-wedding-reception-dancing-st-johns-litchfield-stanbury-photography wedding-reception-dancing-st-johns-litchfield-stanbury-photography groomsmen-wedding-reception-dancing-st-johns-litchfield-stanbury-photography

Litchfield Wedding Photography – Roger & Melanie’s Wedding

You know its going to be a fun wedding when you arrive and the bride is in bed with her bridesmaids already celebrating with champagne and yes the laughter just increased from there on.

Roger had asked the coolest barber ever to come in the morning and give haircuts to the groomsmen and then in true Peaky Blinders style we walked to Litchfield Registry Office to await the arrival of Melanie.

St Johns House Litchfield Wedding Venue

Melanie & Roger are such amazing people and this was such a special wedding and we are so glad they chose us for their St Johns House Litchfield Wedding Photography. They both looked stunning and St Johns House made the perfect backdrop.

Their love for each other is infectious Great food, great company and brilliant speeches was the only the start as the night turned into one amazing party with everybody on the dance floor having the best time.

Wedding Photographers Litchfield – Stanbury Photography

Want to find out more about our work & style then check out our Wedding Stories. If you are looking for a Litchfield Wedding Photographer or getting married at St Johns House Litchfield then dont hesitate to get in touch because we only take on a small number of weddings and we would love to tell your wedding story. D&J xx

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