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Mottram Hall Wedding Photographer


Mottram Hall nestling in the beautiful Cheshire countryside is as impressive a wedding venue as it looks. Surrounded by an award winning golf course on one side and stunning gardens on the other its a dream wedding venue for a photographer.

It’s always nice when couples book you from recommendations and even nicer to meet our past couples at weddings. We had photographed David & Nicola’s wedding the year before and was awesome to meet up with them again this time as guests.

Tim & Fallon had one request and that was a fun, relaxed wedding day surrounded by their closest family & friends and we were so excited they allowed us to be their Mottram Hall wedding photographers we had such a special day.

Here is a few of our favourite photos from their epic day. D&J xx

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Tim & Fallon’s Cheshire Wedding at Mottram Hall

We could hear the laughter as we arrived early morning to grab a few photographs of Fallon & her bridesmaids, its always a fun part of any wedding as you get to see who the real fun characters are at a wedding and boy did Tim & Fallon’s wedding have a fun set of guests.

As a documentary photographer is great to catch the quiet moments as well as the crazy fun ones and we found Tim looking smart in his 3 piece suit looking calm and relaxed ( I’m sure he had a few nerves) as he had a drink in the bar with his family & friends.

The ceremony room looked stunning and a few tears were shed as the stunning Fallon walked up the aisle with her very proud father.

Mottram Hall Wedding Photographer

The weather was perfect for drinks on the lawns of Mottram Hall and we mingled with the guests as they laughed and caught up with old friends and made new ones, so many great moments appearing before our cameras.

One of our favourite parts of a wedding day is the speeches and add to that Tim being a passionate Brentwood FC fan and this made for some really fun moments with Fallon being accepted (or was she forced??) to be a Brentwood FC fan.

Creative Wedding Photography

As a creative photographer it is important to be able not only to see light but also be able to create it. We love to experiment with flash and different colours and Mottram Hall, now all lit up for the evening, made a stunning backdrop that we could get creative with. Many couples dread the first dance but these guys produced a dance worthy of an episode of strictly quickly followed by a full dancefloor with everybody determined that this was going to be a fantastic party night…. and it certainly was.

Mottram Hall is such a picturesque wedding venue and the gardens are stunning for our creative portraits. Tim & Fallon are such a joy to be around and dare we say… Well yes they are both gorgeous and so photogenic. As with all weddings family is everything and Tim & Fallon wanted time with their families along with the photos of family & friends that will last generations. We where so honoured to being a part of their wedding and able to deliver those memories for them.

You can find out more about our work & style by checking our Wedding Stories . If you are looking for a Cheshire Wedding Photographer or getting married at Mottram Hall then get in touch as we only take on a small number of weddings and would love to tell your wedding story. D&J xx

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